roman ja tema auto.jpg

Why did I create such a vehicle?

The answer is simple: I wanted to create something long-lasting like a swiss watch. I wanted to create something that works perfectly and would be forever stylish. I wanted to create something that everyone else in your family – as well as all your friends – will want to borrow from you and take out for a spin just to see how it drives.
Although I knew the story of three-wheeled vehicles from both England and Germany, I also wanted to explore what else the future might hold. Turns out, there are some amazing things already happening here in Estonia. Young Estonian engineers and researchers have already been hard at work, forging our electric future. There was no need for me to start from scratch. My team was already here waiting for me.
I’m searching for timeless perfection. And I want this amazing fusion of design and engineering to be Estonian born and bred.
These days, the whole world is watching the evolution of electric vehicles. While the established automotive giants may still be at the forefront of the market these days, I’m confident that Estonia is uniquely positioned to launch its first light electric vehicle (LEV).
The time is now.
Join me on the road to the future.
My contribution is Nobe.

Roman Muljar